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First aid and warning kit Peugeot



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DESCRIPTION - First aid and warning kit Peugeot
  • Grey nylon case bearing the PEUGEOT logo with symbols, and velcro on the back and underneath for effective securing in vehicle’s boot.

  • Composition:
  • 1 First aid case - Standard DIN 13164.
  • Contents: 1 pair of scissors; 1 first aid guide; 4 single-use gloves; 9 sterile compresses; 1 roll of sticking plaster; 2 triangular arm-slings; 8 adhesive dressings; 5 elastic bands; 4 sterile compress dressings; 1 survival blanket.
  • 1 Triangle - Standard ECE R27.
  • 1 Pair of gloves - Standard MF103.
  • 2 Safety vests - Standard EN 471.
  • 1 Light stick - Lighting for 12 hours.

  • To comply with the instructions of the highway code, the safety vests must be stored in the passenger compartment.
  • The sterile products having a use-by date limit of 5 years are mentioned as "sterile" and carry this date indication on their packaging.
  • The warning triangle must be positioned 100 metres minimum and 200 metres maximum from the vehicle, it must not be used on motorways.
  • Using the survival blanket: Envelope the body with the survival blanket; If someone needs to be kept warm (victim injured in an accident, for example), the blanket must be used with the gold side on the outside; If someone needs to be protected from excess heat (victim of sunstroke, for example), the blanket must be used with the silver side on the outside. (0220935780094YaC)

  • This kit includes a set of products dedicated to the safety of individuals and suitable for all actions in event of an accident during the day or at night.
  • The first aid case, depending on the seriousness of the injuries, allows first aid to be given before the emergency services arrive.
  • The triangle allows you to signal a stationary vehicle.
  • The gloves are suitable for changing the vehicle’s tyres without getting your hands dirty.
  • The vests allow you to be seen clearly outside the vehicle both during the day and at night. It is compulsory to have one or two vests in the vehicle depending on the legislation in force in the country.
  • The light stick lights the site of the accident.
  • Intended for new and used vehicle customers and more specifically light utility vehicle customers.
  • Flexible, light and small packaging.
  • The velcro on the kit case allows you to secure it to the boot trim.
  • The presence of a safety jacket and warning triangle (to be used in addition to the hazard warning lamps), or even two, in all vehicles is compulsory in some countries, depending on legislation.

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