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Payment options

On our web shop you can pay with these options:

Online card payment

It is the fastest way to pay for your order. In the case of credit (debit) card payments will after completion of the order redirected to the payment gateway standard 3D Secure VISA / MC, where you will be prompted for payment. Payment Data is entered directly in a payment application at the provider, transferring data from your computer is secure encryption algorithm. The system asks you to enter the following data:

  • a credit (debit) card number
  • the expiry date of the card
  • about CVV2 / CVC2 - the last three digits printed on the signature strip of your card

On the payment gateway you can pay via MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, VISA Electron, your card must be enabled payments on the Internet. In the event that your payment is declined, contact your bank.

If the bank doesn't confirm us the payment with your card, it could be for the following reasons:

  • credit (debit) card details were not entered correctly
  • on your account, you do not have enough money or you have exceeded the limit for internet transactions
  • your card is not authorized for internet transactions. In this case you need to contact your bank

Bank wire

You can pay your order by bank transfer. All data to make the payment you will see after confirming the order. The data will also be sent to your email. Here are the basic data:

Bank account:

IBAN: CZ6820100000002801297464
Variable symbol: your order number

We dispatch your order as soon as the ordered goods are available and your transfer has arrived.

Prices in EUR (€) included czech VAT of 21%.