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Original accessories Peugeot

With a guarantee of quality and durability. Must meet precise and exacting specification. For example, roof racks passed the toughest test of resistance (equivalent to 10,000 km on the track) on the road simulator. They were tested in a wind tunnel to improve their aerodynamics.

Aluminum wheels have guaranteed quality and safety of metrology and metallurgical point of view. Among other things, rims underwent a series of dynamic, impact and fatigue tests and endurance, which generally are not subject bicycles sold in stores aftermarket. It is a guarantee myaximálního technical compliance drives the car. Precisely because we can also guarantee driving pleasure and even greater comfort and safety. Peugeot discs are approved under the current legislation relating to vehicles. (Directive 70/200 / CR * 2001/116 / CE)

Originální příslušenství Peugeot