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Adapter 230 V-12 V



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Adapter connector for the cigarette lighter, allowing connection to a power socket. The adapter allows you to connect to an electrical outlet of 230 volts any charging cable (PDA, GPS, MP3, headphones ....) equipped with a connector for connection to the cigarette lighter.
Very practical for home use appliances originally designed for use in a vehicle (cooler, portable DVD player ...) that only work with 12 V socket

Input voltage: 110/240 VAC - 50 Hz / 60 Hz;
Output voltage: 12 VDC;
Current consumption: 1 A;
Double insulation, protection against short circuits;
Indicator connected to the power supply.

A little 'extra', but that you can actually make your life easier! You can use it at night before going to charge any device, such as navigation or mobile phone equipped with a charging cable intended for integration into the cigarette lighter socket.
Compact, powerful and safe supplement.
This adapter converts your charger into a cigarette lighter charger for home electrical network.
Manufacturer: WATT & CO

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