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Peugeot mlýnek na sůl VITTEL 16 cm



Výška: 16 cm
Materiál: nerezová ušlechtilá ocel, plast

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Vorrätig in der Regel in 7 - 30 Tagen

32,04 €


Gruppe Salz und Pfeffermühlen

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Special grinding mechanism developed only to grind coarse salt.

Vittel grinders are made of high quality transparent acrylic and are very elegantly decorated with a crown made of polished chrome.

The grinding mechanism is bidirectional, and is made of stainless steel specially treated to resist corrosion. Grind is adjusted by tightening or loosening the crown on top of the grinder.

Peugeot is the leading manufacturer of luxury spice grinders and coffee with a tradition since 1810. The bodies Peugeot grinders and grinding mechanisms are made in France, where they are manually assembled. For every kind of spice Peugeot developed a special grinding mechanism. Therefore grinders Peugeot manufactured specially pepper, salt and other spices.

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