Sale Set of 4 alloy wheels ELBORN 16" Peugeot e-208 (P21), 2008 (P24) View larger

Set of 4 alloy wheels ELBORN 16" Peugeot e-208 (P21), 2008 (P24)



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Peugeot Compatibility 208 New (P21) - 2008 New (P24)
Group Alloy wheels
Dimensions 16"

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Vehicle compatibility
  • Important: Check the permissible dimensions of the wheel / tyre in the registration certificate of your car or in the COC (Certificate of conformity) document.

DESCRIPTION - Set of 4 alloy wheels ELBORN 16" Peugeot e-208 (P21), 2008 (P24)
  • Set of 4 x 16" standard aluminium wheels, "ELBORN" model.
  • Machined wheel rims in Anthra Grey
  • Delivered without wheel bolts and central trim.

  • Dimensions: 6.5 J16 CH4-32
  • Tyre fit for e-208 (P21): 195/55 R16
  • Tyre fit for 2008 (P24): 215/65 R16
  • Colour: grey Anthra

  • A very attractive price level.
  • As with all wheels in the accessories offer, this alloy wheel has been designed and developed with the special features of this vehicle in mind.
  • Featuring a bold design with clean lines, alloy wheels are one of the few parts that can profoundly affect a vehicle’s appearance.
  • These products lend dynamism and prestige to your vehicle.
  • Viewed from any angle, they seem to guarantee quality and safety. Also these components are checked through a whole series of tests - dynamic, impact, fatigue and bruising - that other wheels are not generally subjected to.


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