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Set of snow chains with cross pieces THULE CD-9 097 View larger

Set of snow chains with cross pieces THULE CD-9 097



THULE CD-9 097

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Peugeot Compatibility 508 - Partner New (K9) - Rifter - 508 New SW (R8) - 508 New Fastback (R8) - 807 - 3008 (until 2016) - 5008 (until 2016) - 508 SW - 508 RXH
Citroën Compatibility DS 4 - C4 Picasso / C4 Spacetourer (B78) - Berlingo (K9) - DS 5
Dimensions 17" - 16"
Group Snow chains

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Description - Set of snow chains with cross pieces THULE CD-9 097
  • Snow chains are essential for travelling on snow-bound roads.
  • At high altitude and in snowy weather they are compulsory.
  • Designed for your vehicle, these chains do not cause any rubbing or damage.

Technical characteristics:
  • Composition: 1 pair of snow chains, 1 pair of protective gloves for fitting, 1 mat, all supplied in a case.
  • Crosslinked: Yes, static dimension: 9 mm.
  • Manufacturer-approved: Yes.

Advice on use
  • Drive at 50km/h maximum.
  • It is essential to check the chain tension after a short journey and to re-tension them if necessary.
  • Immediately replace any chain links that are worn, as a rupture could cause serious damage to the vehicle.
  • Snow chains are a safety item. Using chains that are not suitable for the vehicle can have disastrous consequences.

  • Under certain climatic conditions in winter, equipping your vehicle with snow chains is compulsory.
  • Excellent traction on snow or ice.
  • Their design ensures a limited centrifugal effect and saves you from unexpected surprises.
  • Among the models available on the market, cross-link chains offer the best guarantee of safety and comfort, avoiding unpleasant jolting during driving and reactions in the steering.
  • Approved by the manufacturer following static and dynamic tests on each model.
  • Tested by the manufacturer’s engineers, these snow chains are fully adapted for the vehicle, with no risk of friction or damage.
  • Easy and practical to fit, no need to move the vehicle.

Compatibility Peugeot, Citroën

Dimension of tyres:

  • 215/60 R16 .95
  • 205/55 R17 .95
  • 215/60 R16 .99