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How to Shop

Shopping with us is very easy. Read how to do it.

Choice of goods

Our offer we clearly divided into categories. Their list can be found on the left side of the page. A category that interests you, open, and then you will see another subcategory or longer list of our goods. In it you simply search for specific goods and rozkliknete his detail.
Selected Products add to the cart by clicking the "Add to Cart". Clicking on the "Back to store" can continue in selection of merchandise, click on "To Order" to go to the basket to complete the order.

Shopping cart

If you have selected and go to your shopping cart, you will see all of the selected articles and its price. You can delete individual items by clicking on the basket or right to adjust the required quantity.

Shopping cart content (Order process)

It consists of 5 steps. In the first step, you can see a summary of your order. Proceed with the "Continue Order" to the next step. The second step is to log on and register it in our shop or if you shop without registering fill in your address directly. Again continue pressing "Continue Order" to the next step. In step 3, you will see clearly your shipping and billing address. In this step Please complete VIN into the note of your order. Then continue by pressing "Continue Order" to the next step. In the fourth step, select shipping method. Proceed with the "Continue Order" to the next step. In step 5, choose your payment method. After only confirm the order by pressing "Confirm order".


A comfortable and safe purchase, we recommend you to register. However, you can buy without any registration. Registered users have the advantage that tracking order status or obtain a discount coupon. It may not be on your next purchase to fill in all your details. Registration involves entering your name, surname, email addresses, passwords and mailing addresses. To finish registration click on the link to create an account. The page with a form to be filled out. All the details are entered into the appropriate fields. Items marked "*" are mandatory and therefore necessary for successful registration. After entering all necessary information, press "Register" button. If you enter some information wrong or do not complete the mandatory items to display the form again and asked to correct these data. If all is well, you see a page of information about successful registration. From this moment you become a registered customer. On the next visit no longer have anything difficult to fill and you only need to enter the upper right of your email and password. This will again be logged in.