Special limited time offer ends 31 August 2019

Special limited time offer ends 31 August 2019


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Sale Luggage compartment mat reversible Peugeot 5008 View larger

Luggage compartment mat reversible Peugeot 5008



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Data sheet

Model of car Peugeot 5008 (until 2016)
Group Boot fittings

More info

  • For the 7-seater 5008 vehicles, the mat is multipurpose and convertible.
  • Compatible with the 2 seats in row 3, whether or not folded.
  • Not compatible with the high load net.

  • Reversible black boot mat with one side dilours carpet 450gr/m2 and the other rubber.
  • Pliable with splits for adapting to different seat configurations (2 seats open or folded, right-hand seat open, left-hand seat folded, etc.).

  • Overcast seam for colour on colour.
  • Logo of the vehicle’s name, in grey welded embroidery.

  • Allows for the boot to be used intensively, while conserving the original appearance of the carpet.
  • Long-lasting, marrying perfectly to the shaping of the floor.
  • Noticeably enhances the vehicle’s heat and sound insulation, while contributing to its aesthetics.
  • Guards the vehicle’s resale value by keeping the interior in good condition.
  • Quick to fit and to remove.
  • Fine quality and material to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Reversible for multiple use, depending on the needs of the moment.
  • One rubber side, robust and easy to clean, for trouble-free transport of all sorts of objects and products.
  • One textile, more attractive side, for daily use.
  • The "5008" logo is a statement of status and elegance.



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