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Luggage compartment mat Peugeot 407 SW



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Peugeot Compatibility 407 SW
Group Boot fittings

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Description - Luggage compartment mat Peugeot 407 SW
  • "Made to measure" tufted velours boot carpet, anthracite grey, of the highest quality equivalent to the original carpet matting.

Technical characteristics:
  • Tufted velour boot mat (weight of a density of 450 gr/m2). ELAN quality.
  • Overlaid embroidery carrying the vehicle logo.
  • Colour: Anthracite Grey.

  • Allows for the boot to be used intensively, while conserving the original appearance of the carpet.
  • Long-lasting, marrying perfectly to the shaping of the floor.
  • Noticeably enhances the vehicle’s heat and sound insulation, while contributing to its aesthetics.
  • Guards the vehicle’s resale value by keeping the interior in good condition.
  • Quick to fit and to remove.
  • Fine quality and material to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Very effective protection and peace of mind when transporting all sorts of dirty objects or products
  • Also, its silky look adds a touch of class and elegance to the vehicle interior.

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