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What are air deflectors and why are they important?

Air deflectors, also known as wind deflectors, are an innovative solution for anyone who wants to enjoy a comfortable ride regardless of the weather. Deflectors are designed to deflect rain and wind away from your vehicle's windows, significantly increasing driving comfort. In addition, deflectors effectively prevent window fogging and reduce glare, contributing to a safer and more comfortable ride.

How do air deflectors improve the ride?

The operating principle of air deflectors is simple yet ingenious. They create a slight change in the vehicle's aerodynamics, redirecting the airflow around the car instead of allowing the wind to enter directly through open windows. This change reduces noise and vibrations caused by the wind, while also allowing comfortable ventilation of the vehicle's interior even in adverse weather conditions. Effective ventilation contributes to reduced need for air conditioning, which can lead to fuel savings.

Smooth ride: Key benefits of Peugeot air deflectors

This practical accessory offers a range of benefits that improve both the comfort and efficiency of your ride. The main benefits include:

- Reduction of wind and noise: Enjoy a quieter ride thanks to effective wind noise reduction.

- Protection from glare: The tinted design of the deflectors helps minimize sun glare.

- Aerodynamics: Thanks to their design, deflectors reduce air resistance, which can lead to fuel savings.

- Elegant appearance: The smooth and sleek design of the deflectors beautifully complements the lines of your vehicle.

- Easy installation: Deflectors are designed for easy mounting without the need for adhesive.

- Durable material: Made from sturdy acrylic glass, the deflectors are resistant to damage.

- Ventilation without drafts: Allow effective ventilation of the vehicle's interior during rain without the risk of drafts.

- Vehicle compatibility: Each deflector is specifically designed for a particular vehicle model, ensuring perfect fit and functionality.

Original Peugeot air deflectors for your vehicle not only improve your travel experiences but also contribute to the efficiency and aesthetics of your car.

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