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Car mats should fit snugly into the lower part of the passenger compartment without impeding the proper use of the pedals. They should not be slippery, so that the driver's foot cannot accidentally slip and press a pedal. It is therefore ideal to choose original car mats, shaped for the specific car model, manufactured from high-quality materials and bearing the manufacturer's logo. The stressed areas around the pedals are usually specially reinforced.

What is the difference between mat materials?
For winter, you'll probably want to get rubber floor mats to protect your car against moisture, snow and dirt. Dirt won't soak in, stains won't form, any dirt just needs to be rinsed off. They can have a raised edge, which prevents liquids (e.g. snow from shoes or spilled drinks) from spilling into the car interior. The driver's carpet is fitted with grips to prevent it from getting into contact with the vehicle's control pedals.

Velour, needle-pile or thermoformed textile floor mats are more suitable for the summer season and in addition to protection they also ensure a perfect and elegant look for your car interior. They look more comfortable and cleaner, blend in better with the interior design and dampen noise entering the car from the outside more efficiently, but they require more care. If they get dirty, they must be thoroughly cleaned and left to dry outside the car. The difference lies mainly in the weight of the material and its surface shaping.
The difference between the various types lies mainly in the density of the material and its surface shaping.

Velour mats

are the most luxury ones and this material is considered to be of highest quality. The velour pile is made of polyamide or polypropylene, the bottom part is reinforced and non-slip, the edges are lined (quilted). These mats are characterized by high durability and elasticity. They are suitable for demanding customers. They should be vacuum-cleaned regularly and washed if necessary.

Needle-pile floor mats

are made of polypropylene, the edges are hemmed and they are secured against slipping. They have anti-slip grips on the driver's side. They are a cheaper version of textile mats.

Formed floor mats are thermoformed with a textile surface and a raised (shaped) edge. They are not flexible and fit perfectly into the car interior. These mats also have a non-slip finish.