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Peugeot Pepper Mill with replaceable ZANZIBAR trays



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Height 13 cm
Material ABS
Functionality Pepper mill
Group Salt and pepper mills
Colour Transparent

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Peugeot PS Zanzibar - Grinder with 3 kinds of pepper

Peugeot Zanzibar pepper mill

Concept for gourmets and connoisseurs

Zanzibar is a unique new concept not only for pepper lovers or experts. The idea of ​​Zanzibar mills comes from the possibility of tasting a variety of peppers, each having a unique scent and a specific flavor.

Expert advice

The creation of the concept was addressed by Mr. Gérard Vives, who has been in the years of dealing with the variety of peppers, a renowned professional traveling around the world, and searching for ever-new pepper varieties that can be used in the kitchen or on your desk.

Modern grinder, unique design, great functionality

The mill itself has a modern shape and a sophisticated pepper tray that can be easily removed and replaced by others. There is no better way to use pepper to flavor meals than to smear it just before consumption. First, the whole dried fruit is used to preserve its smell and spicyness. Patented technology uSelect for easy setting of grinding roughness - choosing from 6 pre-set options, ranging from the coarsest to the finest milling.

Your favorite

Together with an elegant grinder and a practical snack, you will get 3 pepper tanks pre-filled with 3 different pepper types. Definitely try them all and go your favorite one.

Kampot - black pepper from Cambodia, whose sweet and yet heady floral tones
It is suitable for red meat, slow-cooked meals, cold meals, greasy fish. This pepper is also excellent for flavoring dark sauces, tomato sauces, marinades or pizzas. We also recommend it for tasting vegetables, fine white cheeses and some kinds of fruit. It can also be used in chocolate desserts.

Sikara - white pepper from Madagascar, features a dominant menthol flavor and fresh tones of vegetables and flowers
It is suitable for clams, oysters, white meat, poultry, white fish, pork and veal and white sauces. Enjoy pasta, rice, steamed vegetables, grilled vegetables, pumpkins, pumpkins, mushrooms, asparagus, scarlet or common beans, tomatoes and salads. We recommend using it for desserts containing oranges and pears.

Voatsiperifery - black pepper from Madagascar, wild black pepper with a hint of citrus, fruit and flowers

You can use it in seasonal salads, and it is also suitable for meat, especially pork and lamb, but also for white fish. It is excellent for foie gras. The most suitable vegetables for the seasoning of this pepper are tomatoes. It is also an ideal complement to soft white cheeses. It is particularly suitable for goat and sheep cheese. It is excellent for pates, terins, compotes, cucumbers and pickled vegetables.

pepper mill with 3 easily replaceable trays
uSelect - easy choice of grinding roughness by selecting from 6 preset options
height 13 cm
The milling mechanism, made of 18/10 stainless steel, treated with a patented method for increased corrosion resistance, wear and long-lasting sharpness, provides a lifetime warranty. A 5-year warranty is provided on the mill body itself.
Patented technology uSelect for easy setting of grinding roughness - choose from six pre-set options, ranging from the coarsest to the finest grinding.

Pepper mill: The grinding mechanism has a spiral shape and is provided with a double row of teeth that pepper grains guide and hold to guarantee perfect grinding. We recommend using dried pepper grains with a diameter of 6 mm or less, namely pepper white, black or green. Mixtures of colored peppers should not contain more than 15% of red (pink) pepper. Can also be used to grind dried coriander

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