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Juego de alfombrillas Peugeot 1007



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Compatibilidad Peugeot 1007
Grupo Alfombrillas

Más información

Description - Set of formed mats Peugeot 1007
  • Non-slip effect undercoat.
  • Mat is easy to remove from the vehicle for cleaning.
  • Robust, easy to wash and comfortable.
  • Driver’s side fixings to ensure perfect retention inside the vehicle.
  • Strengthening heel mat

Technical characteristics:
  • Set of front and rear mats in Dilours "TCHIN" grade needleprick carpet in mid-grey colour.
  • 650 gr/ m2 density carptet. 100 % polypropylene.
  • "Dilours needleprick" heel pad in anthracite, 100% reinforced polypropylene, velour finish, thermosoldered.
  • Edgesfinished in a black overlay.
  • Driver’s side mat marked with the vehicle logo in grey embossed embroidery.
  • Driver’s side fixing with a cover using the factory fit fixing system.
  • Marking: "1007" embroidered logo.

  • The floor mat is a safety product. It is retained in perfect position in the vehicle thanks to the fixings on the driver’s side. A "made-to-measure" product, 3-dimensionally moulded to the floor contours, ergonomic and practical. It very effectively protects the existing floor covering. Safety is optimised on the driver’s side by a standard fixing system. The underside is non-slip. Crafted finish with original design.

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