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Set of covers "SIENA" Peugeot 208 Vergrößern
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Satz schonbezuege komplett "SIENA" Peugeot 208



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Modell des Autos Peugeot 208
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A set of seat covers for vehicles with front seats and rear bench CLASSIC with reclining backrest.
Installation of seat covers made with leather is prohibited.

Complete kit covers the front and back seats.
In the middle of black fabric, 100% polyester foam substrate 3 mm. After the circuit black knit 100% polyester foam substrate 3 mm.
Double white stitching around the perimeter can enhance the style of Peugeot.
To facilitate assembly covers both front seats feature a zipper.

Complete set of covers for 2 front seats with side airbags or without + 2 front headrests.
In the rear of the front seat covers are inset pockets. Under the driver's seat is integrated pocket for safety reflective vest.
1 cover seat bench folding rear backrests + 3 rear headrests.
To facilitate assembly covers both front seats feature a zipper.
The mounting system "Easy Clip".

Colors that are consistent with the original upholstery, car interior add value. The covers conform precisely defined the demanding requirements for protection and optimum wear resistance: dynamic tests, resistance against color fading, abrasion resistance, fire resistance, as well as original upholstery. Maintenance coatings is very simple: washing by hand or in a washing machine at 30 ° C.
Facilitate any subsequent sale of the vehicle, because the original seat covers will remain as new.
The optimum level of safety. The covers are compatible with side airbags in terms of respecting the time required for their launch and ensure their proper development.
Thanks to the integrated zipper closure in the upholstery of the seat backs to mount this set covers becomes easy and very fast and ensures perfect připasování upholstery for seats.
With a sophisticated system of clips and a wide elastic and efficient connections (called "EASY CLIP") is an assembly of such coatings new generation easy and very fast (one-third the time required), with perfect quality seating on the seat. To simplify was collected plenty of hooks, like the upholstery in the primary.

This product is intended only for a specific type of vehicle series. Please specify in the note order VIN of your car, so we can verify compatibility with your car.
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