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Sale Hliníkové kolo CALLISTO 17" - 5008 Vergrößern

Leichtmetallfelge Peugeot CALLISTO 17" - 5008



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159,72 €


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Modell des Autos Peugeot 5008 (bis 2016)
Gruppe Leichtmetallfelgen
Ausmaß 17"

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Aluminum wheels not only enhance the look and design of your car, but also maintain optimum directional stability. Provide first-class technical connection and car hire, pleasant management and dynamic road-tuned for maximum comfort and safety.

Rims have guaranteed quality and safety of metrology and metallurgical point of view. Among other things, the rims have passed a series of rigorous dynamic, impact and fatigue tests and endurance.

When maintenance is recommended to use cleaning Peugeot range TECHNATURE

Technical parameters:

Number of screws: 4
Dimensions: 7 J17 CH4-29
Mounting tires: 215/50 R17
Color: gray anthraquinone with hollow


Verify compatibility dimensional drives with your car registration certificate in your vehicle.
It supplied without center caps and without screws.

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